Laser & Skin Care for Summer

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With the beautiful spell of hot weather during June 2023, at The Beauty Hut Reading we take a look at how you can look after your skin and whether Laser Hair Removal treatments are a good idea when you are topping up your tan!

If you are undergoing Laser Hair Removal treatments during a hot spell of weather, it is essential that you take care of your skin by using sunblock and avoiding sunburn. If you have recently had a bit of sunburn, you must tell your Laser Technician so we can make sure that we keep your skin healthy & safe.


Using Sunblock

Always use a good sunblock, not only during Laser Hair Removal treatments, but at all times! We recommend that you use a sun cream with at least SPF 50, and try to use mineral sunblock that contains zinc oxide, which gives your skin better protection and is long lasting.

If you have recently been sunburned, you should not have any Laser treatments until the skin has healed, this is because the Laser will apply extra heat to the skin and could cause further damage to the skin.


Avoid Sunburn

UV rays in the sun can be damaging to the skin and should never be immediately followed by a Laser treatment. It is always recommended to wait until the skin has recovered until you get another laser session, otherwise the Laser Hair Removal results will be far less effective.

This is why it is essential to protect your skin at all times, wearing good sunblock or avoiding sun exposure, if you are considering Laser Hair Removal treatments.


Cosmetic Tanning Products

There are various sun-free tanning products that do a really good job. But these should be avoided if you are considering Laser Hair Removal treatments, as they contain various chemicals and oils that can cause adverse reactions when Laser is applied to the skin. Please be honest with your Laser technician, so we can ensure your skin stays healthy and smooth!


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